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High Performance Hosting

Multi Server Simplicity

Create and run multiple servers for the price of one!

Resource Pooling

Great for server networks, communities, and devs!

Create multiple game servers, each one with its own set of worlds, configs, mods, and plugins, and run them at the same time! Run multiple servers with different games, modpacks, a Bungee network for Minecraft, or even a test server to develop your own custom modpack!

  • Run multiple game servers at the same time with their own separate game, files, memory, and settings! Make a Bungee Network for Minecraft and link all of your servers.

  • Create new servers whenever you want and instantly install games from our library or upload your own custom games and modpacks.

  • Make space for new servers or remove ones you don't play on anymore.

  • Assign how much memory each of your servers uses from your pool of resources.

  • Set and change your friendly address per server.

  • Every server you create can be started/stopped from your server list. Started and stopped servers will be separated by category and a status indicator lets you know when your server is on/off.

  • See how many active servers you can run at the same time and how many total servers you can have installed at any time. Limits are based on the plan that you purchase.

  • See how much memory is available to allocate to your servers within your resource pool.

  • Servers that other people give you access to will be shown and manageable in your server list.