Powerful Control Panel

Take full control of your game servers with Command Center.

Fast loading, easy to use, and powerful

Command Center, an Akliz exclusive, is a game server manager that we developed with you in mind. It's in the cloud, so it's always around when you need it. It's easy enough for the beginner to jump right in, yet feature packed enough for any power user. With Command Center, you have full control over your game servers!


Setup was fast and painless... I love having a proper console and an easy way to setup permissions.

Incredible Features Give You Total Control

We packed Command Center with incredible features to make your gaming and administrative experience as simple and straightforward as possible!

  • Web-based
  • Keep track of your servers when you're out of the game. You don't need to install any software or apps.

  • Start, stop, restart, and force stop your server.
  • Always know if your server is up and running.

  • Real Time Console
  • Interact with your game server in real time with the built in console. Issue commands, talk to in game players, and read incoming log data.

  • Performance Data
  • Monitor the number of connected players, CPU, and memory usage over time.

  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Set commands and restarts to run at intervals. You will have precise control over when each task starts down to the minute.

  • Scheduled Backups
  • Daily backups protect your creations in our Vault. You can create your own backups manually and request a rollback in Command Center.

  • Comprehensive File Editor
  • Edit game files in your server. YML files are checked for errors.

  • Automatic Crash Recovery
  • Automatically restarts if a crash is detected so that you have the least amount of downtime possible. You can turn this feature off and tune it to your server's characteristics.

  • Full FTP Access
  • Access the files on your server. Upload your own worlds, mods, and plugins to customize your server.

  • Sub Administrators
  • Delegate control of your server to others, each with a unique username and password.

  • MySQL Database
  • Database hosting is included in all plans and easily managed with PHPMyAdmin.

  • Custom JAR
  • Upload your own custom modpacks and set the custom jar to run the server.

Command Center is Fast and Easy to Use

Constant tuning and innovation

Our software engineers are constantly tuning Command Center to make it as fast as possible. That way you can spend more time managing your server than waiting for pages to load.

Your server control panel should help you manage your server with as little friction as possible. Our designers use best practices on each and every page.


...the web control panel is way better than I thought it would be (almost definitely the best I've used).

Real Time Console

Performance Data

File Browser

Custom JAR

Scheduled Tasks

Edit Configurations