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Frequently Asked Questions

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Minecraft: Which modpacks can I run on each plan?

Check the modpacks page for a full list of modpacks and how much memory they require.

The Basic $10 plan supports smaller modpacks. The Single Server $15 plan should support all but the most intense modpacks. For instance, All the Mods modpacks or other very large packs will not work on the $15 plan because those packs will need more memory, but most packs should work fine. All other plans have enough resources to run any modpack. You can also run modpacks that aren't on instant install using the custom JAR feature in our custom control panel, Command Center.

Minecraft: Which plan should I use for the latest All The Mods modpack?

We recommend using the $20 Multi-Server plan that comes with 4GB of memory and applying all of the memory to a single server. This should let you and up to 1-4 total people play together.

Minecraft: Can I set the world seed?

Yes! Our web panel lets you edit the server.properties file to set the seed. You'll have to start off with a new world. If you want to keep your existing world, change the level-name in server.properties.

How many players can join my server?

Every server, game, and set of mods runs differently. We won't limit how many players can join your server. For games that let you change the limit, you can freely edit the number of players that can join. However, keep in mind that although you aren't limited, the game may not be able to handle more players without lagging.

How many servers can I run at the same time?

How many servers you can have running at the same time depends on which plan you have. The first two tiers let you run one server at a time. The $20 tier lets you run two servers at a time. For more details see our game server plans.

Do stopped servers count toward my memory usage?

No, they do not. Running/Active servers count toward your memory usage and active server limit. All servers count toward your total server limit.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Upgrade anytime through Command Center or contact us. We'll only charge you for the unused portion of the month. Let's say you want to upgrade a $20 plan to a $30 one exactly halfway through the month. You'll pay $5.00. Note that if you're using PayPal, we'll need to renew your plan on the day of the upgrade.

Should we need to move your server to a machine with more capacity, we'll work with you to move it at a time that is least impactful to your players.

Can I upload and download my world?

Yes! You have full FTP access, which will let you upload and download all of your game files including your worlds.

How much storage space is included?

Your storage space for your game server data is unmetered. You can use this space to store files like mods, plugins, maps, and other game specific files.

We use the fastest NVMe SSDs in our newest servers, which optimize lightning fast speeds over capacity. We'll automatically remove backups created by backup plugins and out-of-control log files. Most backup plugins tend to use storage space in an inefficient manner. We already run daily backups that you can access in Vault (Backups). We'll also remove files unrelated to your game servers like videos, audio, etc.

For everything else, we'll let you know if your usage becomes an issue so you can look into it and/or make arrangements with us.

Where are your servers and what are their specifications?

Check our tech specs page for all of the details.

Which ports are open?

Default ports for popular plugins, such as Dynmap, a Google maps like map viewer, and Votifier, a server voting plugin, are open. We have also opened custom ports for our users in the past.

Which files am I allowed to edit?

You can edit most text files, including server.properties, through Command Center, our custom control panel. We give you a giant text editor with code highlighting to edit your text files. The text editor, instead of a restricted clickable GUI, gives you the most flexibility. You can change every file through FTP with any modern FTP client.

The IP, port, and query port are the only settings we'll overwrite.

Can I use my own domain name?

Of course. Specify when you order or let us know so we can make sure everything is setup on our end.

How much memory does each plan have?

  • Basic: 2GB RAM
  • Single Server: 3GB RAM
  • Multi-Server: 4GB RAM
  • Multi-Server+: 6GB RAM
  • Mighty Gamer: 8GB RAM
  • Mighty Gamer+: 12GB RAM

Check our pricing page for more information.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be happy with your server! During the first 7-days you can cancel your server and receive a full refund. To receive the refund you must request one by contacting us or submitting a ticket through the client area. Please state your reason for cancellation so we can better our service. If there's anything we can do to solve your issue, we'd love to help! It's simple.

When do you bill me? What happens if a payment fails?

We automatically attempt to process payment each month to ensure continuity of service. The billing cycle is the same day of each month. For example, if you ordered on the 3rd of a month, it'll be on the 3rd of each month. If you happened to order on February 28 or the 31st, the renewal is somewhere around the end of the month or beginning of the next one.

If a payment fails, you'll receive a reminder to pay, and if your server remains unpaid, we'll pause it. After a week or two, we'll cancel your server. You'll receive three emails--one reminding you to pay, another one about pausing your server, and a third one about cancelling.

How do I stop service?

Cancelling is really easy. However, if you're having issues, please contact us and let us know. We'd be happy to help. For info on how to stop your service, read this article from our help docs.