We Make Minecraft Server Hosting Amazing

Watch this quick video to learn how you can seize total control over your game servers:

Create and run multiple Minecraft servers with your favorite modpacks. Simple enough for beginners, feature packed enough for power users.

Start your server in as little as a minute.


Powerful Control Panel

Take full control of your Minecraft servers with Command Center.

Command Center, an Akliz exclusive, is the game server manager that we developed with you in mind. Using Command Center is easy enough for any beginner to jump right in, yet feature packed enough for power users. With Command Center, you have full control over your game servers!


Multi Server

Great for server networks, communities, and devs!

Exclusive to Akliz, create multiple servers, each one with its own set of worlds, configs, mods, and plugins, and run them at the same time! Run multiple servers with different modpacks, a Bungee network, or even test servers to develop your own custom modpacks! You are only limited by your imagination and how many resources your plan offers.


Huge Modpack Selection

Choose from more than 100 Minecraft server modpacks on instant install.

Create servers of more than 100 Minecraft modpacks. Play whatever and whenever you want. Don't see your modpack in the list? Use our custom Minecraft feature to install your own. You can also contact us and let us know!


Incredible Support

We strive for exceptional service.

Owning and running a Minecraft server can be complex and surprising! Take advantage of our vast amount of knowledge on operating Minecraft servers. Whether you need advice on setting up your server or troubleshooting a game bug, we're hands-on.


Total File Control

Access all of your server files.

We give you access to all of your server files through FTP. You can even change the player limit in server.properties. Use an FTP program like FileZilla and upload Forge mods, Bukkit plugins, worlds, custom modpacks, config files, and more!


Built for Performance and Reliability

We use some of the fastest hardware available and never overload.

We use high clock speed processors with amazing single threaded performance and monitor them around the clock to ensure that there is enough free processing capacity. Our network is designed for gaming. We also protect your creations with automatic daily off-server backups!



"Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang.
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