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High Performance Hosting

Total Server File Control

Access all of your server files.

View and Edit Configs through Your Browser

Syntax highlighting and formatting are standard

Use our built in file editor to modify your server's configuration files on demand. Our simple and easy to use text editor will format your config files, double check that you don't make mistakes in some markup languages, and highlight the line that you're on so that you never lose your position. Our file editor will make modifying your files a breeze when you need to make quick changes to your server.

Opens and edits many popular file formats including:

  • YML configs
  • JSON configs
  • Application PROPERTIES
  • Text files, like crash reports and logs
  • and many more!
Edit Configurations

Upload and Download Big Files through FTP

Edit Config Files

You get access to all of your server files

We give you access to all of your server files through FTP. Use an FTP program like FileZilla and upload:

  • Game mods for Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, and more
  • Custom game files
  • Your own worlds
  • Your own modpacks
  • Modified config files
  • and more!