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Akliz is proud to have all of our partners. From YouTubers, Twitch and Mixer streamers, modpack authors, and mod developers, they create awesome content for their fans, and we provide the best platform for their fans to play and enjoy everything right alongside them.

Perks for Partners

  • Affiliate Account
  • Refer your fans to our platform with a personalized link and earn money when they sign up for as long as they stay with us.

  • Server Discount
  • Earn a discount on servers on our platform based on the number of views your videos or project receives.

  • Coupon Code
  • Give your fans a personalized coupon code that they can use to save when they purchase from us.

  • Partner Network
  • Join our network of partners. Access to VIP Discord channel. Work with other partners to produce content or get help.

  • Personalized Landing Page
  • Our top rated partners will get their own personalized landing page for their referral link.

  • Early Access
  • Learn about upcoming features and get a chance to test them out early.

Become a Partner!

We have some requirements for who we will partner with. We review each partner request case by case. However, please don't submit a request if you just started and are still unknown. We don't accept server communities as partners. Any requirements that we have can be subject to change.