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High Performance Hosting

Built for Performance and Reliability

Fast Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen CPUs

We use high clock speed processors with amazing single threaded performance. We monitor them around the clock to ensure that there is enough free processing capacity. Since most games can only utilize a single processor thread, a higher speed processor helps with performance.

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Our latest server machines use a variety of super fast processors:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (8x 3.8-4.7 GHz cores)
  • Intel Xeon E-2388G (8x 3.2-5.1 GHz cores)
  • Intel Xeon E-2288G (8x 3.7-5.0 GHz cores)
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6246R (16x 3.4-4.1 GHz cores).

Reliable ECC Memory

Error correcting code memory keeps your server stable by correcting single bit and detecting double bit memory errors.

Automatic Off-Server Backups

We protect your creations with automatic backups every 12 hours to give you peace of mind. Backups protect your world from griefers, mistakes, physical server failures, and anything your game might throw at you.

Data Center Grade NVMe SSDs

Our latest machines use NVMe solid state drives (SSDs). A single SSD can offer the performance of more than 30 regular spinning drives. NVMe drives are even faster than standard SATA which gives your games even more power. We choose data center grade models to ensure performance consistency.

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Strategically Located Servers

Our servers are located in international hotspots such as Europe, North America, and Oceania. We provide an excellent connection wherever you are located, which you can change at any time to best fit your community's needs.

Gaming-Optimized Networks

Your servers are on gaming-optimized networks for awesome pings and stability. We use premium network providers, like Lumen and Zayo, and evaluate them on a regular basis to make sure they meet our stringent standards.

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