Incredible Support

Running a server should be a pleasure. We're by your side.

We Diagnose Crashes

Crash reports, no problem

We understand and program in Java, which is the programming language that Minecraft is written in. In fact, our own platform that we host and run our servers on is also written in Java. We can read Minecraft error logs, interpret them, and advise on them.


...these guys have AWESOME and FAST customer service!

We Also Figure Out Slowdowns

Server slowdowns don't have to be a mystery.

Adding more resources to your server doesn't always make your game run better. Often times, slow performance is from in-game items, mobs, or other things eating up CPU resources or RAM.

Let us peek under the hood of your server.

We can plug performance diagnostics right into your server and tell you whether you're having an issue with network, memory, too many entities, or even a specific subroutines in mods.

Jalani Wright

These guys have an excellent working knowledge of the JVM with wicked fast ticket response time.

Exceptional Service for Everything Else

We care about our service.

Owning and running a Minecraft server can be complex and surprising! Take advantage of our vast amount of knowledge on operating Minecraft servers. Whether you need advice on setting up your server or troubleshooting a game bug, we're hands-on.

We try to accommodate your needs.

At Akliz, we will treat you with fairness, integrity, and respect. We want to make Minecraft server hosting as enjoyable as possible. Can't make a payment on time for a few days? Let us know, and we'll extend it. (Once in a while, please!) Don't like the service? Let us know the reason within 7-days of your order and request a refund.

Akliz is a Better Business Bureau member with a current rating of A+ and adheres to its code of business practices.

We give back to the Minecraft community.

We know what it means to run and play a Minecraft server inside and out. We have run large public servers and made custom modpacks. We just love to work with Minecraft servers. Our experience as server operators and community contributors simply allows us to provide a better support experience for you.

macmace, Canadia Craft

This is just a GREAT hosting company. You can tell that THEY really care about their customers.