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Software Engineer – Backend

Akliz is a game server hosting company that believes in providing the best technology, while also providing community to our users and our employees alike. We are a small, friendly team that cringes at each other's dad jokes and enjoys each other's company ... most of the time ;). However, we have a large scale system with tens of thousands of game servers.

We're seeking an exceptionally talented software engineer with backend experience to bring people together. How, you might ask? By creating a highly intuitive control panel and game server platform that they will want to use for their game nights with friends, family and communities.

We don't use cookie cutter software because we want to innovate in the space. Rarely does an opportunity come along to change an industry forever, but this is one of those. You'll have the opportunity to gain experience in a wide breadth of technologies in our stack while also applying your development knowledge to something that makes people smile!

Key Responsibilities

You'll work with our team to design and write clean, well-designed, and tested software that delights our users. You need to be able to work independently and communicate in a remote setting over text and voice. Video conferencing hardly ever happens, so no one will be standing over your shoulder or staring blankly at you while you work.


  • U.S. citizen currently residing in the U.S.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • PC, mic, and fast internet.
  • Have experience programming outside of school and/or work for fun.


  • Unlimited PTO
  • Health Coverage
  • Play games on the job

Minimum Qualifications

You need good working knowledge in the following technologies:

  • Using Linux from a programming and dev ops perspective
  • Programming in Java and strong object oriented skills
  • Spring (mainly IOC, Web, and JPA)
  • Building and running Docker containers
  • Designing, creating, and consuming REST microservices
  • Git and PR process and issue management
  • Unit and integration testing

Apply Today!

Think you're ready to apply to join our team? To apply, send us your resume/CV, cover letter, and samples of your work such as GitHub projects or other open source contributions to jobs@akliz.net