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Realm of Mianite
Rexxit Jurrasic Pack
Ultra Modded Revival

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Realm of Mianite
Rexxit Jurrasic Pack
Ultra Modded Revival

Instantly setup your Realm of Mianite modpack server with little effort with Akliz server hosting. No need to upload anything or mess with files to get your game started.

  1. Install Realm of Mianite to a new server in Command Center.
  2. Start your new server.
  3. Install the same version of the Realm of Mianite modpack in your CurseForge Launcher.
  4. Start your game and connect to your new server!

Official Partner of EnderMedia

Vibrant and Creative Community

EnderMedia started with one person and one pack: Tekkit. He wanted to create a more custom play experience, so he learned how to make modpacks for himself. He was also a fan of the Yogscast. He made his big debut with Moonquest! Since then, EnderMedia has been releasing more and more awesome packs and he has created a large community of people to join him.

Akliz has proudly powered our community for five years, our largest days reaching 300 concurrent players with a level of performance only achieved with quality hardware. Above all else, Akliz truly values their customers and their support has never been anything short of excellent. Even as a long-standing partner I would 100% be an Akliz customer and have told many others to do the same. I’m proud to call Akliz our most valued partner ever!

Akliz has been proudly partnered with EnderMedia since March 2015.

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Trusted in the community

We're always happy to help

We are passionate about support and customer service, and will always respond to your questions. Our staff members include avid gamers and programmers who can help you to run your server at peak performance and guide you through troubleshooting your game server.

We're a higher quality product

Our game servers are backed by our quality, friendly support, and incredible features. We work hard to make sure your server is never slow or unresponsive. We strive for perfection.

Hosting since 2006

Akliz is a high performance hosting company with a gaming-optimized infrastructure. We have an excellent 18-year track record hosting enterprise applications. Many of our original customers remain with us and are growing.

Industry standard network and hardware

We use best-in-class data centers, nodes, and network connections to give you a great gaming experience. Our data center keeps equipment running around the clock with stable power, cooling, and physical security. Our nodes store your game data and keep them running 24/7. To ensure high tick rates, we design, build, and operate our own nodes. Our network connects your game server to your gaming community. We use premium, low-latency bandwidth to create the fastest and most reliable connections.

Constant innovation

We want your game servers to be fun to run and customize. We've developed Command Center, our game server manager, with you in mind. Command Center is the culmination of user feedback, suggestions, and a drive to be the best out there. The result is an innovative server manager that we think is super easy to use and powerful.


Powerful Control Panel

Command Center, an Akliz exclusive, is the game server manager that we developed with you in mind.

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Run Multiple Servers

Create multiple servers, each one with its own set of worlds, configs, mods, and plugins, and run them at the same time!

Run Multiple Servers

Choose Your Game

Select from any of the games we offer. Create different game servers under the same plan. Take full access of all of your server files through FTP.

Choose Your Game

Unrestricted Players

Every server, game, and set of mods runs differently. We won't limit how many players can join your server. Edit how many players can join.

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Extensive Support

Operating a game server can be complex! Take advantage of our knowledge on operating servers.

Our Difference

Tech Specs

Our network is designed for gaming. We use high clock speed processors and monitor them around the clock.

Tech Specs

Play Anything

Create your own world to play in. Use your favorite type of Minecraft server such as the original non-modded "vanilla", snapshots, CraftBukkit, Spigot, Minecraft Forge, Bungeecord, and any other.

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470+ Modpacks

Choose from over 470 curated Minecraft Forge modpacks in our one click installer, or setup your own custom server with any modpack you can imagine from all popular third party launchers.

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Play Realm of Mianite on your server now!