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Ultra Modded Survival

Hosting your EnderMedia server has never been easier!

Akliz Command Center provides a package that you can use to start your EnderMedia server. No need to upload anything or mess with files to get your game started. EnderMedia packs are available exclusively on the Technic Launcher.

  • 1.Create your server with an EnderMedia package.
  • 2.Start your new server.
  • 3.Download an EnderMedia pack from the Technic Launcher.
  • 4.Start your game and connect to your new server!

Vibrant and Creative Community

Endermedia started with one person and one pack: Tekkit. He wanted to create a more custom play experience, so he learned how to make modpacks for himself. He was also a fan of the Yogscast. He made his big debut with Moonquest! Since then, Endermedia has been releasing more and more awesome packs and he has created a large community of people to join him.

Akliz has been proudly partnered with Endermedia since March 2015!

Akliz Minecraft Server Hosting Features

Powerful Control Panel

Command Center, an Akliz exclusive, is the game server manager that we developed with you in mind.


Run Multiple Servers

Create multiple servers, each one with its own set of worlds, configs, mods, and plugins, and run them at the same time!


150+ Modpacks

Create servers of more than 150 Minecraft modpacks. Play whatever and whenever you want, even packs not listed.


Extensive Support

Operating a game server can be complex! Take advantage of our knowledge on operating servers.


Total File Control

Take access of all of your server files through FTP. Use an FTP program like FileZilla and upload, download, and edit files!


Tech Specs

Our network is designed for gaming. We use high clock speed processors and monitor them around the clock.


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