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Instantly setup your Brass modpack server with little effort with Akliz server hosting. No need to upload anything or mess with files to get your game started.

  1. Install Brass modpack to your Akliz server.
  2. Start your new server.
  3. Install the same version of Brass in your Twitch Launcher.
  4. Start your game and connect to your new server!

Brass is a 1.15.2 progression modpack made using the latest and greatest mods available and brought to you by the packdev behind Dark Age and Just Another Whistle Stop. Progress from the Stone Age all the way to the Titanium Age in this guided progression pack with over 75 custom advancements.

You and your friends will start by rubbing sticks together to make fire and end with mastery over the atomic elements themselves. Of course, there's plenty of stops, detours, and misadventures along the way. Overthrow the Illager fortress! Obtain mastery over rats and bees! Take up photography! It's all in there to be enjoyed by you and your party, as you work your way from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age to the Iron Age to the Brass Age to the Steel Age to the Titanium Age. Don't forget to keep an eye out for super secret features and Easter eggs as well. So enjoy: Brass!

I wanted to go with a reputable hosting company. Akliz runs their servers on their own hardware and offers support to users and developers alike. They would be an excellent choice to host your server.

Akliz has been proudly partnered with Brass since September 2020.

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