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  1. Install and of al132's modpacks such as Antimatter Chemistry to your Akliz server.
  2. Start your new server.
  3. Install the same version of Antimatter Chemistry in your Twitch Launcher.
  4. Start your game and connect to your new server!

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Antimatter Chemistry

You find yourself stranded in the Antimatter dimension with nothing but a basic chemistry set. Wield the power of science to create basic resources, and eventually find your way home. This is a lightweight, questing pack inspired Anti-Material Energy.

Volcano Block

You're dropped into the heart of a volcano with nothing but a knife. How will you make your escape? Explore the quest progression that guides you through a number of cool new mods including Hearth Well, Prodigy Tech, Unique Crops, Soulus, Alchemistry, and more.

Glacial Awakening

You wake up in a small, dark cavern deep within a glacier. Maybe you can find your way out of the glacier, but that's only the first challenge...

About al132

al132 has been creating Minecraft modpacks since 2016. He strives to create modpacks that are fun, yet unique and boundary-pushing. He is best known for his projects Antimatter Chemistry and Volcano Block.


I’m happy to be partnered with Akliz because they allow my players to enjoy my modpacks with their family, friends and community with as little difficulty as possible.

Akliz has been proudly partnered with al132 since May 2019.

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