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How to Install Thermos

Thermos is the newest recommended way to install Bukkit plugins onto a Minecraft Forge server and Forge modpacks. It'll possibly only ever support Minecraft 1.7.10. This guide assumes that you have already created a server in Command Center.

  1. Login to your Minecraft server FTP and open the game folder.
  2. Delete or rename bin and libraries. One folder may not exist.
  3. Download Thermos. Make sure to download Thermos.jar and the libraries.
  4. Extract libraries and upload them to your game folder. Also upload Thermos...jar.
  5. In Command Center, click the gear icon and go to Game Update. Under Custom JAR, select Thermos...jar, install it, and (re)start your server.
  6. You should be good to go!

Note that Thermos, KCauldron, and Cauldron may not work work will the Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod. The mod author does not recommend it.

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