Testimonials--Here are some commments we found about our service:

Michael W.

You're going to get tired of me telling you how awesome you are. ;)

Davis (Lionthou) Smith

Been using Akliz for years now. (Solo and with partners) and I must say, they've yet to disappoint me in any aspects. I cannot recall a time when our servers have been down. The latency has been low, and maintenance is but a walk in the park. At first, I was a bit sketchy about Akliz, but once we started using them and saw they delivered nothing but the best customer service with very affordable hosting, we were sold. Finally, a company we could trust! We wouldn't even consider looking for a different provider, for Akliz had everything we needed. Even when we needed to cancel one of the servers for financial reasons, and FileZilla wasn't cooperating, Akliz went above and beyond to get the server data to us! Now, my friends are looking into investing with the company. Hey, some of the best advertising is through other satisfied customers, ya? My summary: 10/10, Akliz is worth every penny!

Sherman Smith

I wanted to let you know I've dealt with a lot of hosting companies over the years for various projects and businesses, and by far you guys have the best response time for support. I don't think any other company I've hosted anything with (including the dedicated servers for my business) has ever responded in less than an hour and you guys consistantly get back to me within a few minutes. I'm really glad I picked Akliz for my minecraft server.

Thanks again,


Hákon H. from Reykjavík, Iceland

Hello there! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I have been with the level of customer support offered. I have been assisted by Larry (possible pseudonym ofc) twice in the past couple of days and he has been immensely helpful! (#522391 #515797). I decided to try out your service after spending probably 20 frustrated hours trying to set up a custom server at HostHorde and was already logged on and playing 15 minutes after signing up with you guys! You are the best <3


Andrew Sampson from Belleville, Illinois

You are really damned good at your job man. You know, most places you go, people either don't care or are really incompetent. But you really care about what you do and you know how to get the job done. Even if it's something simple, or if it's something difficult, you're always right there to take care of things. This is the best support I've ever received or probably could receive and don't think I could have made a better choice than Akliz, honestly. I mean, I don't even pay very much and right now my server is really small, and that still doesn't matter to you or your company. And to me that is extremely important. I cannot recommend you guys enough.

David - 0atek.com

Having been in the hosting business myself, i know how difficult it can be to keep up the ever changing technologies and at the same time provide a smooth and well adjusted service. Akliz is acing both aspects of this. The support is blazingly fast, reliable, competent and extremely helpfull. Whenever i have an issue, small or not, the support has replied with a competent answer, often in less than an hour! In addition to this, i have had no issues at all with any aspect of the hosting! My users on the server is complimenting the stable and completely lag free environment provided, and we're currently running at a whopping 100% uptime on the service provided by akliz. I am very confident that Akliz was the supreme choice for my minecraft server.


I used to be a help desk tech at a Fortune 500 company, and later a supervisor there. In that context, I make the following comments: You have totally gone over and above in both technical support AND customer service. With my previous host, I couldn't get anything resembling the kind of support that I've gotten from you, and what I've gotten from you is *considerably* more than could be reasonably expected, and I probably would have been perfectly happy with your service and support had you been half as flexible, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Kai.W and CommandoJOA

I'm just here to send you a message saying thank you for what you do for us my friend and i really appreciate what you do for us here's a little picture we took:

Kai.W and CommandoJOA on Akliz Server

James M.

Once again Akliz beats them all... never missed a beat always had great uptime and enjoyed the ride.

Alex L.

I'd just like to say that your service has been excellent and other Minecraft hosting providers do NOT compare. Thanks!


Every time I call for support, Larry has been helpful in promptly identifying and solving my issues. In preparation of moving my players to a new map to take advantage of Minecraft’s upcoming world features, I have been testing the server to see what I can reasonably copy and paste (with world edit). I am more than satisfied with my results. The only lag my players are experiencing are due to personal internet connections and computers. I am thrilled that the only significant downtime we have had is due to my inexperience as a server owner. I will never go to another host in search of better service.


I went with Akliz because the specs are quite decent for the prices, and because the support answered me faster than any other host I was considering. I shopped around a bit before picking a host, and I was asking if they each had a test server to see what kind of ping I would get. All other hosts took around 2 – 3 hours to reply, and some took even longer. Akliz, on the other hand, took around 30 – 40 minutes ( and this was at 2AM AST ).

Akliz let me play on their test server, and they even let me pick the specs of the test server ( they let me choose if I wanted to play on the half gig RAM server, the 1 gig, etc. ) – - since I was considering the half gig server ( which has since been upgraded to 600mb for the same price ), I wanted to play on that one. They changed the specs, restarted the server, and BAM! I was now playing on a test version of the server they would be hosting for me. For this half-gig server ( which is now, like I said, 600mb ), I was paying 11.45$ a month.

Unfortunately, I only ever had one other person on the server with me, so I can’t really say how well it handled several people. However, my friend and I are both about 8 hours away from the server ( we are in Canada, the server is in the U.S ), and never saw a ping above 170ms. And it was RARE for it to jump above 150ms. This is an EXCELLENT response time, especially for a game like Minecraft.

The only problem I EVER had was getting disconnected from the server unexpectedly. This happened I think twice over the span of 2 – 3 months. Also, chances are that it was MY connection, not the server, as I believe there was some downloading going on on my end in both instances. Oh, and I was having problems with certain commands not working. This was because I hadn’t made myself an OP.

With these problems, the support was INCREDIBLY helpful. With the problem getting disconnected, they signed onto the server, tested it out and concluded it wasn’t the server because they were able to play no problem without any issues. I then discovered the issue WAS on my end.

The second issue ( the commands not working ), the staff actually signed onto the server, did some testing ( WITH ME ), and when it didn’t work, they asked if I had made myself an OP. Since I hadn’t, some of the commands were not working. They told me how to OP myself, then I did so. All commands were then working.

The staff at Akliz has TERRIFIC knowledge of the game, so if you need any help with it, they are able to help. Since I’m not that advanced ( nor have I ever been ) when it comes to Minecraft, these guys were of EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT help!

My reason for leaving Akliz is because I no longer use the server as much as I would like to, so I feel like it’s going to waste.

All-in-all, this has got to be the best host I contacted. I spent several hours searching, testing, and discussing with the support of a vast number of hosts, and Akliz was by far the best. For the price, you definitely get MORE than what you pay for.

I would recommend Akliz to absolutely EVERYONE! – - And if I ever want a server hosted again, I will DEFINITELY 100% go back to Akliz!

( MC: THECapnCanada )

Grant M.

Akliz is probably one of the best server hosting companies out there that gave me the controls I need for my server. Other server companies would restrict some features that Akliz gives to me now. With the dedicated space and RAM my server is fast and never has any downtime. With gaming servers, my users on my server never have any lag when they want to have fun. They love coming on the server and support Akliz 100%. Gaming servers are fast and reliable for owners of Minecraft Communities and VoIP servers. Your gaming experience seriously gets 10x better with Akliz. The staff at Akliz are always kind and I always get the support I need for my server. I am a proud customer of Akliz Inc. and I whenever I would need a server I would go to them! Thanks Akliz!


This, host, is just, hands down, best hosting company ever. This is just, its a work of art. I can cry, its just that GOOD.

Akliz hosting is a very good hosting company. The Support is just UNBELIEVABLE. I can ji** in my pants, it’s better then getting a blowie from a chick. They track down your errors really quickly, and then they tell you what it is, and how to fix it. For example, if you have a plugin that is causing issues, but you don’t know which one, you can email them your problem, they reply, and tell you what plugin is causing it, and how to fix it. And they don’t only reply. Hoo-boy, they reply FAST, the longest time it took for them to reply to me was about 7 minutes? I mean, hell, it takes me longer to reply to them, then for them to reply to me. I wish they had a live chat feature though.

Lag is non existent. The only times when I will lag is:
Making LARGE (Over a million blocks) changes with WorldEdit
Speaking of WorldEdit, the changes are very quick. It doesn’t take 3 minutes and occasionally crashing your server when you make large selections. No, it takes about 5 seconds (1 million blocks or lower). Results may vary though, because I bought the plan with only 1 GB, may be faster if you bought a more expensive plan. I have 40 plugins and 20+ players on at once on average. And guess what, NO FRIKIN LAG!!!!@#!#11

Prices are very good, 32 slots for 20 dollars? Sounds good to me! Plus, if you want a dedicated IP (An IP that has no numbers, only letters, for example awesome.akliz.net) It is only an extra $1.50. Basically, if you buy the dedicated IP, its xxx.akliz.net/com/org.

When I first came across Akliz, I was a bit skeptical. The website design is unattractive. And it is a bit hard to navigate.

Uptime is just, great! The only time where the server will be off is when:

You turn off your server.

It crashes somehow

Or they turn it off because they’re is an error that will cause harm to your server.

Their panel is good too. You can track down players IP addresses easily, and manage the server from the console easily too. You can even EDIT, yes, EDIT your files FROM the website, you don’t have to use FILEZILLA to edit it. Now, you might be like "So… Who cares." Well, sir, this means you can EDIT your files remotely, like from your phone, your IPad, your friends house.. etc. Although, using FileZilla is better, because not all the files show up in the panel for you to edit, only some of them.

But there are TWO things that annoy me.
Firstly, the site looks very boring, I wish they would add more decor to it, or add some pictures to do with Minecraft.

Secondly, they don’t allow you to go back to the main panel if click on one of the options, like the console, you have to click the back button, or retype the address, and find your server again.

Overall, this is just a GREAT hosting company. You can tell that THEY really care about their customers. Kudos to Larry. He is the support guy that replies super quick, and has been solving ALL of my problems. I would rate them 11/10.

Your folks from,
Canadia Craft

James M.

This server host is fantastic! best i ever been on, brilliant up-time and speed.

Daniel M.

I have been with Akliz for around a year now and i have never looked back despite any problems (which were resolved almost instantly), I am from the UK and the connection is impeccable with no lag at all. we (MyCraftUK) have 2 servers with akliz and both are running with no lag at all, all in all, the servers are top notch, the support is one of the best i have ever had, the pricing of the servers are very good and the performance of the host is unbelievable. all in all i rate Akliz 10/10.


Brand new into managing servers, the founders of GateCraft needed an excellent host. We searched high and low for many months, and we finally found Akliz. We’ve been happy ever since. 60.45$ per month for a 3gb server and a dedicated IP? Plus the support Akliz has? Unheard of. But Akliz has it. The record time for a reply to a ticket (for me at least) has been literally a minute. The guy running support is insanely knowledgable about everything server-related. As the Tech for GCers, it’s my job to make sure everything is running smoothly. If I don’t know how to fix it, you can be darned sure he does. The GateCraft server runs 54~ plugins at once, has absolutely no lag, and takes at most 5 minutes to process multi million block worldedit commands. Yeah, not kidding.

Overall, if you want one of the best hosts out there, go Akliz. You will not be sorry.


When I started looking for a server hosting site I found akliz which had the best prices and features. I started from being a total n00b to a pro. Akliz helped me with every single last problem I had and they solved it quickly. Now I run a great server all thanks to akliz. I had no idea of how to run a server, but they were patient and helped me well. Now I wanted to take the opportunity to write this review.


I have been to another host before, but they were just crap. I was searching for the perfect host for me, but all the popular oner had either just one thing missing or were out or stock… Then I found Akliz and at first, I was really sceptic if that was another host offering much, but giving just shit, but it turned out it wasn’t. This is my rating:

Support: Excellent. I have never had such fast answers before. A guy there sent me a response mail with just 2 MINUTES.

Features: They offer much, they give much.

Performance: I use VoxelSniper, a really heavy plugin, to edit my map and nothing. NO LAG!

Price: Akliz has a cheap price and a really good everything :P

Website: A bit confusing. Payment was ok, but I think I need still some time to get used to the control panel.

Uptime: Until now, no uptime issiues. :D

What I really love is that when you want to up- or downgrade to a new tier, you just pay what you use. That means if I pay 20$ a month for a server, and I want to upgrade to a 40$ one exactly halfway through the month, I just need to pay 30$! Not 60, not a million, just 30!

Btw, I do not work for them, nor was I payed/asked to post a positive review, in case you were wondering the same as me reading through the older comments :P


Hands down...

The best minecraft host ever. I've been with akliz since September, and it has been really great.

Superb support staff, friendly responses, great ping, flawless uptime, great price !

It cost me arround $17 per month at 768 MB with 22 players limit.

I have over 20 plugins and heavy plugins like mcmmo and logblock are on my list.

During peak hours when it reached 22/22 players, it still running smoothly with virtually zero lag.

I had to shutdown my server last week due to a problem (at my side).

I will start my new server project soon and will be sure to use akliz again.

This host is underrated but their service is way better than the most overrated hosts out there.

I would reccomend this to any minecraft server owner.


As A Server owner I am EXTREMELY satisfied wit h Akliz hosting. When I first found the website I wasn't so sure but as soon as I was connected on the support line I knew Akliz was right for me. The generous support staff answered all of my (many) questions with an answer that provided me with every thing I needed. The staff not only answered my questions with ease and speed but I could tell that they know servers. I would bring something up and they knew exactly what they were talking about and not just reading off of the screen. Not only was there helpful support staff to help me setup my new server, but the reliability as soon as it turned on was clear. I am able to host 32 players with all mobs enabled, over 19 plugins, only off of 1 gb of RAM with virtually zero lag. Best of all. The Price was right. $21.45 USD a month for 1 Gb of RAM, A Dedicated IP and unrivaled customer support. It's a deal you cant pass up!

King Hotpants

I was running a home server for about a month before I decided to just pay someone to run it for me. I had a server with one of your competitors and it only took me about 48 hours to get sick of their [expletive]. I was having frequent disconnects, even when I was the only person playing, and tech support was unhelpful to say the least. "Try buying a better server" is not an acceptable answer.

I've had my Akliz server running for about a day now and not only is the server more responsive, but your tech support is top notch. Good job.


Grabbed a four-man server for my bros and I a week ago, and it's been lovely.


Picked up a 4 person server last night, so far so good.

[A week later:] ...I've had my server up for about a week now and I love it and would recommend Akliz to anyone looking for a MC server.


Akliz is a great server hosting company. I have had very few issue so far, and the ones I have had were minor and were fixed very quickly. The customer support is wonderful, as the staff is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any issues you may have. The pricing is very reasonable as well. I am paying about $22 a month for a server with 1GB of RAM and a dedicated IP address, which runs flawlessly. They have a wide selection of plans to choose from that are all well priced. My server has been up for a solid month with no downtime. I highly recommend this hosting service to anyone who wants to rent a server, large or small.


I bought a small server for myself and my friends, and we are experiencing no lag issues despite being in the UK. Great price, easy to set up, and we were able to get our old map copied over and start playing within about 30 minutes, including the amount of time I spent installing an FTP client.

I'm very happy with my purchase.


...these guys have AWESOME and FAST customer service!


Bought a 4-person MC server for a year and I love it thus far.

James K.

Been running a server on this for the last few days, and it's been working great!


Bought a small server about 10-15 mins ago, was extremely easy and quick to get properly set up. Miles ahead of other hosts I've been with, and the web control panel is way better than I thought it would be (almost definitely the best I've used).


Just moved my world over from [competitor], super easy and really glad for the features you guys have that they didn't. Feel like an idiot for ever recommending [competitor] to anyone now but oh well!


Setup was fast and painless... I love having a proper console and an easy way to setup permissions.


Update, migrated my old server files to the new server and everything is running smoothly. I really like the web chat and the console since though were things I wished [competitor] had but didn't. Performance in game is good and other than 1.6.6 being glitchy seems to run great.

Really no major complaints, it's reliable and quick, management is pretty much effortless, and the initial setup was easy and quick. From checkout to online was something like 15 minutes if that.

I would highly recommend akliz to anyone looking for a high quality minecraft host, doubly so if they are on a budget.